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iBox APK

iBox is a powerful information management tools for Android, which gives you a safe and secure way to store all of your critical information. It could be credit card numbers, accounts, passwords, marketing plans, product ideas, minutes and much more.

iBox is based on the idea of design: it is a freedom to assemble boxes of admissions in the box. If you need to create a box, use it to store the content of same (or different) category. If the box is stored critical information, allowing locked it, you can not. Locked box to ensure data security, such as loss of somebody, is taken away by others, and so on. Even if it was to bypass the password program to get the original data, also can not see the original information. Support tags, sorting, to facilitate content search.


Encrypted data to secure storage, strong AES (128 bits) encryption;
No password storing (hash validation only);
Multiple box, easy management and organization of information;
Each box can create a shortcut in the current desktop;
Rich set of icons for easy and fast item recognition;
Sorting and tags support;
Super Notepad function, support text, audio, hand-painted and attachment;
Typesetting features, easy to read and mark;
Support the event reminder;
Multi-way content sharing: SMS, e-mail, file, Bluetooth;
Backup to SD card / Restore from the SD card;

please uninstall version 1.0.3 and less than.



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