IATA – ICAO Dictionary APK

IATA - ICAO Dictionary

Offline aviation database for IATA/ICAO codes.
This app contains the IATA/ICAO codes for airports (over 11.000), aircraft and airlines (over 5.000).
After the first start you will asked if you want to create the database. The database will created offline. You don´t need to be online.
I can´t answer to the remarks. If you have problems please write me a mail. I will do my best to fix it.

Airports Information:
– Name, Elevation, coordinates, timezone, Runway, Communication
– download of Metar/TAF reports
-Notam download
– Decoder for Snowtams Notam)
– airport indication with ggogle maps
-airport in the vicinity function. Is searching for airports in your vicinity. (GPS or network required)
-distance calculation
FAA charts for U.S. airports
– downloadable for offline use
Fleet Information (online connection (required)
– get fleet information from several airlines (how many aircraft per type, registrations, etc.)
Airline Codes
Aircraft Codes
Aircraft country registrations