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GVConverter is a Units converter, which helps the user to convert the data from one unit to another. It supports the following convertions
Speed – Feet/s,Feet/min,Miles/min,Miles/hour, Meters/sec,Km/min,Km/hour,Knots.
Volume -Gallon,Liter,Tablespoon,Teaspoon,Fluid Ounces,CubicFeet,CubicInch,Cubic cm,Cubic m,
Drams,Pints,Cup, Quarts.
Temperature – Fahrenheit,Celsius,Kelvin.
Time – Millisecond,Second,Minute,Hour,Day,Week,Year.
Force – Newtons, Dynes, Kilograms, Pounds, Poundals.
Data -Bit,Byte,Kilobyte,Megabyte,Gigabyte,terabyte.
Angle -Degrees, Gradians, Radians.
Area – Square Inches,Square Foot,Square Yard,Square Miles,Square mm,Square cm, Square m,Square km,Acres,Hectares.
Mass – Ounces, Pounds,Short Tons,Long ton,Milligrams,Grams,Kilograms,Stone.


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