GO Contacts EX APK

Brought to you by GO Dev Team.
Brought to you by GO Dev Team , GO Contacts EX is yet another powerful tool, ideal replacement of stock Contacts and Dialer. It is featured by fast search, grouping, duplicates merge and secure backup/recovery.
1. Quick find: by any letter, name, company, keyword.
2. Group contacts: Drag&group; batch SMS or email by one-key press.
3. Merge duplicated identified by name,phone number or by email address.
4. Smart dialing: Only remember fraction of contact’s number or name? No problem, just press keys, it will give the matches.
5. Speed dial:press on keys call someone.
6. IP Dial:Chinese area IP dial supported.
7. Theme supported: Dark (included) and Spring, Ice Blue (download separately)
8. Backup / restore: Save contacts to or restore them from SD card, safe and secure.
9. Number attribution: Show the registered location of phone number (Only available in Chinese version. Plugin download separately).



  • Gday I was just wondering,.

    When you go into install this program, what does it mean after you click on the writing. Saying *this may cost you money* … “allows this application to call numbers without your inovations, this may result in unexpected charges or calls.”?

  • Uhggh… i really want to have Go contacts here in my galaxy s5 but it doesnt work. Is there anything else u can do to fixed this things out.

  • Ugggggh! I have always used GoContacts and though the choices for free themes have been few, I was able to change the theme. Just got LG G3. What the heck happened? There is no way to change the theme at all? How many ppl work there? This option was there before…..Someone must know this is a glitch……please tell me how to change the theme or just the background for GoContacts Ex.

  • i have been using Go Contacts Ex in my Samsung S2 all these years and its a wonderful app with excellent features and I really love it. Recently I switched over to LG G3 and after installing this app, I could not find Settings mode and unable to configure preferences. Looks like its a compatibility issue with LG G3. Any solutions?

  • OK im disgusted. I have emailed you guys 5 times no answer. Was always aloud to download my contact, well to my surprise it won’t download can the GO DEV PLEASE FIX THIS, YOUR TRYING ARE GOING TO STOP Exponentially.

  • Hey i’ve tried all that yoj said bjt just not working, somebody Plz tell me what next to, looking faword for an awser

  • Go Contacts Ex was succesfuly installed but it said *it can’t open*..
    Oh shock!! Please can you find a solution!!!

  • Hi i was able to install whatsapp by the method you explained but i’am not able to install “go contact ” can you please help me with that.. I’am using smart tab star cj HD

  • Am really about to lose it now,really!this thing keeps telling me that my device is not compatible for this whatsaapp .Why can’t they send me a suitable whatsapp for my device first time???????????

  • Hi, installed WhatsApp apk file successfully but the go contact file is showing file can’t open. Can you please help in letting me know the work around to get through this issue? Thanks in advance.

  • It is very insufficient I’m unable to download whatsapp still. I tried it many times but still I’m unable plss somebody help me to download it

  • Hi i was able to install whatsapp by the method you explained but i’am not able to install “go contact ” can you please help me with that.. I’am using kindle Fire HD

  • How do you insert a pause in a phone number using Go Contact? For example, 123-867-5309 extension 909. Other contact managers a comma (,) is used…. 123-867-5309, 909.

  • Hi, I have an ongoing problem with your software.
    It crashes ~once a week when I press the edit button on the right top of any contact page.
    It says that “An unexpected error occurred”.
    I have an option to send you an email with the details, but when I choose it, a message “Your email will appear shortly” shown, but the email never ready to send.
    I can restart the app, but the search field does not take any input until I select and close any contact. Then it is operational again until the next crash ~one week later.
    The whole procedure takes a long time to get to the end to.
    I have an HTC Incredible S S710e with Android 2.3.5.
    Could you please help?
    I like your program, I think it is the best in the market, but it becomes impossible to use, and it (of course) always crashes when it is urgent to get to a phone number in the details of the contact.

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