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FREE Calls & Text by Mo+ Beta APK


This is a beta version of Mo+ for Android, free calls and texting app. Your feedback is very important to us. Please email us directly if you have any problems or requests. Thank you!
With Mo+, you can call or text any number in the US or Canada totally free! It’s the app that changes your life! Wherever you go, as long as you have internet access, free phone calls and texting (to North America) are right at your fingertips!
Why you should choose Mo+:
– Free. All the services of voice calls and texting are as FREE as you believe!
– High-quality voice calls. The services provided by Mo+ include high-quality voice calls which can enable you to chat with your friends just like face to face.
– Personalization. Set your favorite wallpapers and make your own personalized phone app!
– Easy to use. Start calling or texting with minimum tap.
More features coming soon… Stay tuned!





  • Hello I’ve been using mo+ for several months to make calls now I get a message that says I need to buy credits. I live in Calif. I don’t make calls outside calif either so what’s going on?

  • I have just now downloaded mo+ app on my ipad. It says it can make free calls to any number in usa and canada. But after downloading it it says that u have to earn free credits to make calls so hows it free? Plz help me to make free calls. Thnks

    • You can. Fango is one of the IOS apps to call within Canada for free. If you would like to call in US, you will need to set up your google voice by creating an account through google voice. Just google Google-Voice and set up an account. NOTE: Before you go on google voice site, Download hotspot shield elite from cnet.com and it will create an IP address from the states. If you log into google voice without changing your Canadian Ip, Google voice will show an error since this service is for US residents. Get the google voice number and then download Hangout from IOS/Android Store. Log in with your google voice id and enjoy unlimited free calling all across North America.

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