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FlashLight Professional APK

FlashLight Professional is simple but very useful application for Android smartphone’s users.
The application is free and doesn’t contain advertizing.

FlashLight Professional is the multifunctional small torch which has following features:
The White light mode – such mode will be useful for illumination in dark time, to find of your stuff etc.

The Stoplight mode – such mode can be useful in case of full breakage of your car or a motorcycle during dark time to inform other drivers. This mode may be useful during repairing flat tyre and other works at dark time. Besides it can be used as a bicycle stoplight (it is necessary to fix the phone on bicycle).

The Candle mode – amazing live candle witch reacts to movements of your phone! It’s really cool! It can be very useful at meetings, actions, bars and concerts!

The Flashing light mode – in such mode your phone turns to a red and blue police flasher. You also can switch on police car horn. Attention! You can use such mode at your own risk.

The Customized screen mode – in such mode you can fully customize the screen. You can write custom text (such as “Taxi” or “I love you”, ets.) and setup any screen colors.

In the Emergency mode – your phone starts to make distress alert (s.o.s. morze signal) and begins to flash with the white screen.

There are some screenshots of FlashLight Professional:

Carbon background

click to enlarge
Electronics background

click to enlarge

Wood background

click to enlarge

System preferences

click to enlarge

The Candle

Candle reacts to the
movement of your phone

Additional features of FlashLight Professional:
It can make a short link and put it to notification bar for quik access
The application can change the background. Carbon, Tree and Electronics are available today
Automatically turn on white light then application starts.




  • Hi,
    I used this app on my old Samsung s2 and it worked perfectly.
    However, when install this app on my new Sony experia z1, I noticed the following :
    – The camera light is not used when the torch is activated; only the front screen is made bright;
    – The app crashed very often when switching to other light, e.g. when the candle is chosen.
    Hope you can fix this, because this is simply the best out there I like most.

    I’m running kitkat 4.4.2 on Sony experia z1.
    Thanks, Henry.

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