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Emoze – Email App APK

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Emoze email app for Android is secure, smart, simple and efficient way to communicate with the ?office, friends, ?and family from any mobile device at anytime, anywhere.?
• Getting lost with too many email accounts??
• Require always-on capabilities??
• Spending precious time locating attachments you already downloaded??
• Need to protect your data??
Then the Emoze Secure Push Mail is the perfect email app for you!?
With Emoze email app – all your email accounts conveniently ?located in ?one ?destination, your emails will be actively transferred to you, you will be ?able to view and access downloaded attachments from all your email accounts via one ?consolidated location and you will be able to remotely wipe, lock or find your mobile device ?in case it is lost or stolen.?
+ Push Mail – Real-time email notification, including Exchange, OWA, Google, Y!, Hotmail, Outlook365 and any IMAP and POP3 accounts
+ In-app Translation of messages
+ Sync your contacts and calendar (PIM)
+ Rich Text Editing: compose as with Outlook on PC
+ Multiple Email accounts- Easily configure several email accounts via the Emoze ?app
+ Select Folders to push: select Folders that will be automatically pushed to the mobile ?once a new email reaches in that folder
+ Robust compression for both text and file attachments
+ Preview Attachment Function – saving time, data and battery
+ Attachments folder- view all your downloaded files in a one place
+ Forward attachments without having to download or open them first
+ Search the Global Address List (GAL)?
+ Personalize your Inbox with your friends’ Facebook profile pictures
+ In 25 Languages:English, Arabic, Chinese, Dansk, Netherlands, Suomi, French, French (Canada), Deutsche, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Malay, Norsk, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Spain), Svenska, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Emoze also provides advanced security settings so that all your communication and data ?is ?safe Featuring SIM card replacement alerts, remote locking capabilities, an alarm in case ?of ?issues and a handy ‘find my phone’ feature . You can remotely lock your phone and also ?wipe ?out all the data on your phone by restoring the factory settings. You can perform the ?same by ?sending an SMS or an email to the phone or email account respectively Also, you ?can ?encrypt all the attachments downloaded to your phone or SD card so that if the same SD ?card ?is inserted into any other device, the data will be unreadable. You can also enable to ?receive ?an SMS to a predefined number if the SIM card is changed
Emoze supports almost all of the major web-based email service providers including Gmail, ?Yahoo, OWA (Outlook Web Access), WebDav, EWS, Outlook.com, MS-Exchange servers 2003 through 2010 as well as Office365- Microsoft’s ?cloud service for businesses and most IMAP or POP3 email. Most settings for the most used ?services are integrated, so you don’t have to remember the petty details other than your ?credentials.?
We’ll be grateful for sharing your thoughts and helping us track down issues. Google provides no way to respond to Market comments.?
Get in touch with us at: support@emoze.com
?Emoze is a great email app for personal and business related use, and anyone who has multiple email ?accounts will find this app very handy and useful ?

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Size : 14M
Current Version : 2.3.28
Requires Android : 2.2 and up



  • I keep getting “Acquiring data sources” and then immediately “Application validation error”

    -Both when starting the app and when trying to add an account.

  • I found this app by accident a couple years ago and have been using it ever since for work emails because it is excellent. I just broke my previous phone and since the company has quit supporting this app, I was PO’d that I probably would not be able to use it again. But happily, I just downloaded it onto my new phone, installed it, set it back up & it works as good as ever. Using this app, I get tones on my phone when I have emails on my laptop that I need to attend to, it is a great app & tool to use !

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