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Easy History Cleaner APK

A Very Useful System Tool
“Easy History Cleaner” is a android system tool which can clean history ,protect your personal privacy , save your disk space ,make your phone’s speed more faster.
[Clean what] – Browser History
– All App Cache
– clipboard
– Incoming Calls
– Outgoing Calls
– Missed Calls
– Gmail Search History
– Google Maps Search History
– Android Market Search History
– Youtube search history
– Google Searchbox History
– More Functions are coming soon
[What is Application Cache Files] Application Cache Files are temporary files created by applications. For example, when browser visit a web page, it will save the image files as cache files. These cache files are not useful when app ends, so you need a system tool help you clean these old cache files. Often clean cache , is a good habit, it could save your disk space and make your phone speed up.
[Why Some Histories Need Clean Manually] Because these histories are saved in their own data storage ,system do not give permissions to third-party apps to access these data , they only can be cleaned by user’s action.
Please don’t worry , “Easy History Cleaner” will direct you to these app’s settings page, I prepared detailed help pictures to show how to clean ,just follow these pictures, you could do it easily:)


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