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DroidReader APK

DroidReader is a PDF reader for the Android Platform.
It uses a native code backend for rendering the PDF documents which is based on the MuPDF software/library.


Reads directly from files, preferably off the SD card.
Listens for VIEW intents, so it will open PDF documents for you when you click on them in the Download Manager or in a file manager of your choice.
Supports (through MuPDF) 40bit and 128bit document encryption.
Supports (through MuPDF) PDF documents with all non-interactive features of PDF 1.7.
Supports Zoom and Rotation.
Supports CJK charsets.
new from v0.5: supports JBIG2 and JPEG2000 encoded image streams

Still missing:

Document structure viewer
Text extraction

No ads, no file size restrictions (other than those imposed by the limits of the hardware of course)!

PDF is rendered on the device, no data is send over the network!



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