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With Nuance’s Dragon Mobile Assistant, experience the most accurate and intelligent virtual assistant on Android. Enjoy virtually limitless voice-enabled commands from dialing to texting to launching your music to finding and buying movie tickets and so much more.
With Dragon, your personalized voice-enabled assistant is always on and ready to respond to your requests. Dragon tells friends where you are, dials you into scheduled calls and reads your text messages aloud, further evolving the mobile personal assistant experience.
Dragon now features unique proactive assistant and location sharing capabilities, making it easier than ever to find and meet up with friends, get automatically dialed into your next conference call, and hear text messages read aloud as they come in – turning Android smartphones into an even more intelligent personal assistant that is ready to serve with two simple words, “Hello Dragon.” From there, just ask Dragon for just about anything – directions, recommendations, help dialing into a conference bridge, and more.
Running on empty? Just say, “Give me directions to a gas station near here.” Craving pizza? Ask Dragon, “What’s the closest pizza place?” Need to catch up on your favorite shows? Just say “Netflix” to launch the app. And when you’re looking to find your friends at the new taqueria down the street, just ask Dragon “Where’s John?” to see his location on the map.
Dragon already gives Android lovers the must-have mobile personal assistant features to quickly access information, content, apps, music and people, as well as set appointments and get directions, just by using their voice – no hands required. Dragon’s latest enhancements further evolve the personal assistant experience with new anticipatory capabilities that showcase the true potential of our digital wingman.??
More of what Dragon can do for you:??
* NEW: You can now customize your Dragon assistant to ‘wake up’ when it hears a key word that you assign. To set up your customized key word, Go to Settings > Select ‘Customized wake-up phrase’ > Enter your desired wake-up word. Dragon can actively listen for the name you give it for always-on convenience.
Other notable features:?
* Share your location – “Tell Nancy where I am.”?
* Find your friends – “Where’s Dave?”?
* Automatically dial into meetings that have a dial-in number.
* Read aloud incoming text messages and reply hands-free.
* Make a call – “Call Ashley on her mobile.”
* Send a text message – “Tell John I’ll be there in five minutes.”
* Create a calendar event – “Set up a meeting with Jake Salinas tomorrow at 2 PM.”?
* Update Facebook or Twitter – “Send out a new Tweet, What a finish to the game!”
* Use maps and find directions – “What’s the best way to Kenosha, Wisconsin?”
* Find restaurants and make reservations – “Find me a pub in Boston.”?
* Check the weather – “How’s the weather look this week?”?
* Open applications – “Open calculator.”?
* Play on-device music – “Play Katy Perry.”
* Set your alarm – “Set my alarm for 6AM tomorrow.”
??Dragon Assistant is seamlessly integrated with the top, most popular domains for fast and easy access to information.
Compare it to other assistants like Indigo, Skyvi, Voice Actions, Voice Search, EVA Intern, Iris, IBM Watson, Maluuba, Evi, Jeannie, Speaktoit, AIVC and Wolfram Alpha.??

REQUIRES ANDROID : 2.3.3 and up




  • I have used this app for probably more than 3 years on my phone. I love it . I don’t know if you have looked at all the settings or not, but it should read your text back to you before it sends them. It will even ask you if you would like to send it or rewrite it. Make sure you have in car mode and detailed responses on read out notifications also on it should read them back to you. That is one of the biggest things I like about dragon

  • Dragon Mobile Assistant is great for sending texts and making calls, I just wish it would check my incoming texts and read them out to me. When I’m sending a text it gets pretty much every word correct. I wish it would read the text back to me before sending rather than just displaying it on the screen. Works great while driving.

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