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DieDroid APK

This is a dice roller app useful for any purpose, but contains activities especially useful for pen-and-paper RPGs.

Diedroid contains:
* A polyhedral dice roller, good for any situation where a dice roll is needed
* An activity for rolling starting ability scores for d20-style RPGs
* An activity for rolling dice pools, useful for White Wolf-style RPGs and board games like Arkham Horror
* An activity for a dice game similar to LCR

Translations to other languages are always welcome! Please email me if you want to get involved.

New for 1.2.0:
* Added minimum value control to stats-rolling app
* Streamlined the UI in some sections to be simpler and easier to use
* Added icons that don’t look horrible under Gingerbread
* Fixed display issue in About dialog
* New launcher icon
* Now built against the Gingerbread SDK; minimum requirements remain unchanged


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