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Daily Planner (Schedule Task) APK

Daily Planner (Schedule task)

Daily planner
Keep it simple.
Daily Planner is a to-do list that helps you arrange the current, daily, weekly tasks.
It’s simple but powerful, you can also use it as a memo, notepad or schedule tool. Everything will be arranged and recorded in good order.
Some tips:
– create groups to separate tasks
– long press group to do [Add] [Rename] [Delete] [Export] operations
– long press task to do [Modify] [Delete] [Share] [Set Priority] [Set Reminder] operations
– use [Clear Done] to clear those Done tasks quickly
– daily & weekly task will recover automatically
– select the theme you like (blue, white, pink)
Afer [Clear done] , those done tasks of group [Daily] and [Weekly] will not be listed out, but they will reappear when new day/week comes.



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