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Crazy Home Lite APK

Crazy Home is a new home screen replacement for your Android phone with OS 1.6 and higher.


Up to 3 separate desktops each with up to 5 screens.

Easily scroll through your desktops by swiping up and down.

Dynamically add/remove screens or desktops, no restarting needed.


Each desktop can be set with its own unique theme, so you can have 3 themes set at once!

Supports Crazy Home, aHome, and 3rd party Open Home themes in the market.

Full icon customization with the Icon Configurator tool that allows skinning of any or all icons in your app drawer!

Mix and match your themes with the Theme Wallpaper chooser and applying icon sets from any theme.

Screen preview all your screens at once and jump to any screen with the press of a finger.

Hide/Unhide the notification bar at the top of your phone.

Sleek custom CDP Analog Clock with animated second hand.

Many, many more features planned for the future. Have an idea to make Crazy Home better? Send it over!



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