Crayon Doodle Lite

Crayon Doodle is the best doodle software in the google market! This software is designed with cute user interface, It can asily make cute/good looking/pro paintings on your android phone and you can share the paintings or replays easily. Suitable for both men and women, old and young~

- doodles of course!
- HD resolution! available on sumsang galaxy tab or xoom or other pad!
- replay the process of your doodle
- share the replay on youtube as video!
- share your painting on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Plurk, and any other social networks
- set your mastar piece as wallpaper
- save the replay files, and we provide a server for uploading your doodles(uploading only on paid version)
- download painting replays on server and play it.
- edit a photo or a picture on your phone, or use a photo/picture as a mask so you can limn a good painting easily.
- the brush is pressure sensitive! so you can paint like using a professional tablet! e.g. you can draw a hair with different thickness by change the pressure of your finger.
- we provide a variety of paintbrushes and carefully selected color palette
- other convenient user experiences as clear the picture by shaking your phone…