**ROOT REQUIRED** **Overclockable Kernel required**

**Added option to try without removing adblocker. Some ad blocking methods cause an issue where the ad blocker will display a “dead link” on the screen covering the apps interface. I implemented an ad blocker check to try to curve some of the emails I get about the app not working when it’s because of the ad blocker you are using. If your ad blocker does not cause this issue you can now skip reverting the host file.

Now requests write external storage permission becuase of updated ad sdk. It is needed by the ad sdk to play video ads which I DO NOT use but it had to be added so I could update my ad provider. I made the banner ads smaller for higher resolution devices in this update to try to make them less intrusive for the user.

If it doesn’t hold the speeds you set it at double check to make sure you have installed an overclockable kernel.
#Will not work with an AdBlocker. Adblockers will cause the app to display a full screen of a broken link. Revert adblocker to use app#

CPU Boost Lite is a cpu settings app. You can set cpu speeds and governor. There are different profiles to use and also a widget that displays the current overclock settings.

*Nitrous button widget(I don’t always run my phone at the max speed that it can handle but occasionally I need that extra speed burst for an intensive app. The nitrous button widget allows you to set that higher max speed and then just one push of the nitrous button widget from your home screen gives you that extra speed when you need it. Push the button again to go back to your regular max speed. All without needing to open the app.)
*Battery Temp Profile
*Battery Level Profile
*Screen on/off Profile
*Set at boot option(Please test speed settings before setting at boot or phone may not reboot)
*4 widget styles
*Invisible mode(lets you set the speed and close the app using no background resources. Disables all widgets and profiles. Set at boot will still work.

Set governor and speeds of CPU. See battery temp, set at boot, set different profiles for screen on/off. Widget to display all current settings. Added a Dark Themed Widget so user has choice of widget to display.



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