Caynax Alarm Clock

If You are bored with current alarm clock and its functionalities don’t meet Your expectations – get Caynax Alarm Clock. Our application has innovative look and its main feature is wide range of alarm types to define. Get the best of both words – to dismiss alarm clock solve math problem, complete or fill remembered citation (more dismiss options coming soon).

Main functions:
- alarms: everyday, work days, cyclic, timer, any
- 4 complete application themes
- 4 ways to dismiss alarm: traditional, arrange citation, complete citation, math problem
- information about closest alarm on notifications list
- widget with information about two closest alarms (digital and analog clock)
- information about missed alarms
- option to set default alarm settings for each alarm group
- calendar to set alarm days
- option to turn off all alarms (ie. exam, important meeting)
- unique system to skip alarms (everyday and workday alarms – other alarm types soon)
- information on alarms list that alarm was missed or is snoozing
- information how much time is left to alarm (date or days)
- hourly chime
- sorting alarm by time (closest), availability (enabled first), name

NOTICE: Application works on Android 1.6 – 2.3.3. It does not work on 3.0 or higher.

NOTICE: Add application to exclude list on (any) task killers or best remove task killer at all. Android works different than typical Windows PC – free memory is wasted memory.

NOTICE: Don’t move application to sdCard – alarms and widget won’t work (it’s Android thing).

NOTICE: Alarm won’t work if phone is off (it’s Android thing).

NOTICE: Application is not supported on MIUI devices.

Available languages:
- Bulgarian (bg) by Lyubomir Atanasov
- Dansk (da) by S. Brunslev
- Deutsch (de) by Nikolai Grube
- English (en)
- Español (es) by S. Abrevaya
- Italiano (it) by Marco P.
- Polski (pl)
- Português (pt)
- Ukrainian (uk) by Vadym Simonov