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Bluetooth Manager APK

Manage your remote bluetooth devices.
Supports all bulid in bluetooth settings functionality and far more.

Manage remote bluetooth devices:
– Display a list view contains all the pairing devices.
– Scan for new devices.
– Pair new device.
– Set your own description to each device.
– Connect\Disconnect from device.
– Display connection state of each device.
– Send sound notification when device was connected.
– Delete device from your phone.
– Clear all unpair devices.

Filter by device type:
– Audio_Video.
– Phones.
– Computers.
– Networking.
– Imaging.
– Misc.

Auto sorting:
– Sort devices by type.
– Sort by last connected and by connections history for each type.
Manage your local bluetooth device:
– Edit your local device name.
– Discover your device to others.

Menu Features:
– Shortcut to phone dial screen.
– Shortcut to media player screen.
– Shortcut to phone bluetooth settings screen.
– Share appliction market link to others.
– Exit the program.
– Disable bluetooth and exit the program.


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