Blink APK

Everyone knows the problem: You don’t want the phone to ring but still want to know when someone is calling. The internal orange-LED-notification is too dark and you don’t know if it’s a mail, SMS or call…

Blink lets you customize your system and more LED alerts in your way!

Blink extends your default Android LED alert system and allows you to customize LED color for SMS/MMS, Incoming Call/Missed Call, and Low Battery/Memory. By customizing the LED colors (12 colors available) and frequency in your way, you will never miss an alert again while Blink will keep the LED flashing alerts for you.

Product Features:
– New SMS & MMS LED Color & Frequency Adjustment
– Missed Call LED Color & Frequency Adjustment
– New Phone Call LED Color & Frequency Adjustment
– Low Battery & System Memory LED Color & Frequency Adjustment



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  • I am searching the andriod dialer for video calls. Can any one suggest me for it anything…………………..

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