Best Flashlight FREE

Best Flashlight FREE

It is an incredible flashlight application for Android handset. Simple, user-friendly, powerful, and very useful. It is the best flashlight in the world FREE!

Best Flashlight now has torch light, screen multi-color light, two bulb lights, SOS help light, compass light, and shaker light. We will have more different kinds of lights coming soon!

Best Flashlight supportS almost all Android handset models such as SonyEricsson, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc.

Screen light: has manu different screen color options. When you sweep the screen, the color will be changed.

SOS help light: you could use it when you are in wild and need help especially in a dark night. It uses the international Morse code distress signal.

Compass light: you could rotate you handset, the light will be the brightest when orientating to south. On contrary, the light will be dimmer.

Shaker light: it is a fun light. Just shake your handsets, the screen color will be switched one by one automatically, and flasher will be blinking.