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Battery Widget Viewer Free APK

Battery Widget Viewer Free

Widget for life
if you can’t open it. you can do it below -This program is widget not an application. you can add my widget on homescreen with go to Menu > Add > Widgets > Battery Widget Viewer
-Color widget change by status battery automatic
-Display status battery by status real time
-Display plug in widget for charging mobile
-Can set vibrate mobile for battery low
-Display LED status on Vibrate enable
-Can set status battery to aleart or vibrate enable mode
-Can set vibrate for battery full
-Open/Close Wifi -Open/Close Sound
-Open/Close Bluetooth
-Open/Close Gps
-Display Status use battery when click Battery Image
-Display Status when Charging or UnCharging
-DIsplay Battery on Status Bar (Support WVGA)
-Can contact at comscipg@gmail.com or Roommate-studio.blogspot.com
-Can use this Widget on mobile Android ver1.6up
-Why open the permissions are excessive?
+Because this widget have function much more the inside So must be open permissions much.
-Why doesn’t open.
+Because it is a Widget not an application. you can add on homescreen with Menu > Add > Widgets > Battery Widget Viewer



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