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Want to share a file with a friend or a co-worker? Just tap their name, tap the file, and they have it! Any Send makes sharing files over wifi as easy and fast as it possibly can be.
Just install Any Send on two Android phones, and you can send anything between them, at superfast wifi speeds. You can also send to Windows and Macs, get the free apps from getanysend.com

* Incredibly simple sharing. Just select the file, the person, and that’s it!
* Very fast sharing speeds powered by your local network, no internet required.
* Background service sharing ability
* Support for tons of file types: movies, audio, images, contacts, any file.
* Custom designs for both landscape and portrait modes
* Doesn’t use your internet bandwidth, completely local WiFi sharing.
* PC and Mac! getanysend.com

Android is first to get Any Send, an iOS version is coming soon!

Any Send is a new app and currently in beta, we are working hard to make it more awesome.
Please send feedback to web-support@adylitica.com thanks for all your feedback and reports!

Size : 2.0M
Current Version : 1.2.4
Requires Android : 2.2 and up



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