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AndTask APK

AndTask is an android task management software,It can be manually or automatically optimize memory and end the processes,It contains an the best memory management software for freeing memory,can make your phone run smoothly when you run many apps,can view CPU and disable the apps.
Version 3.3
1?We have removed this application of advertising because it causes software exception,we have got tired of these advertisements,we will continue to release completely free,security,no malicious chargeback and no ads apps
2?Add auto memory optimization options
3?fix long-press settings bug
4?Changing some text caption
5?add sort by file size
6?fix sort bug
Version 3.0
1, support grid display
2,support cyanogenMod Rom long-press
3,embedded the best memory management
4, view the CPU, disable the apps
5, support more version of android (1.5,1.6,2.1,2.2,2.3),support cyanogenMod Rom
6,view the log
7, support the advanced mode and end system process
8, support the white list mode
9, support to view the traffic of each application


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