Android App Manager

Best App Manager
Android App Manager is the overall system application.
Applications, Sd card, Device, system information can be managed in a single shot.
Android 2.2 or later installed apps on the platform, the SD Card will support.
Move this app(AAM) to the SD Card, but widgets are not working.

* Application Management (Apps)
- Real-time process list
- Multi-select, delete, backup support
- If you touch the item, manage menu will appear.
- A list of installed applications
To run
comment Leave
More info/Clear cache/Fore stop
- App Version information
- Displays the file size
- Memory usage display
- App displays the installation date \ n
- Application search
- Favorite application list
- Application share(Recommend)
- App usage statistics
- Installed apllication sort

* Backup (Backup list)
- Multi-select, delete, restore (reinstall) support
- Backup to SD Card
- Install and Delete from SD Card
- External APK file install support. (Android package install file)
(path : /sdcard/SmartUninstaller)
- Information of Running applications
- Used memory information
- The backup file size
- Backup date information

* History Eraser
- Clear Missed Call Log
- Clear Incoming Call Log
- Clear Outgoing Call Log
- Clear Browser History(default)
- Clear Browser Search(default)
- Clear Market Search History – not support
- Clear Clipboard
- Clear SMS All
- Clear SMS Inbox – Only view
- Clear SMS Sent – Only view
- Clear SMS Etc – Only view

* Information(Progress bar)
- Device information
- CPU info
- Ram info(Total, Used, Available)
- Battery Information(Temperature – Celsius, Fahrenheit)
- Internal storage space, information(Total, Used, Available)
- External storage space, information(Total, Used, Available)

* Settings
- Android App Manager Settings
- Volume control
- Screen brightness
- Wireless network
- My location (network, GPS)
- The application
- Bluetooth Settings
- Language settings
- The date and time

* Home screen widget
- Widget Update Time Adjustable
- Active Task, Ram, Storage info(3×1 Orange Theme)
- Active Task, Ram, Storage info(3×1 Red Theme)
- Active Task, Ram, Storage info(3×1 Black Theme)
- Favorite Application Link (2×2 Black Theme)