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All-in-One Scheduler APK

The ONE and ONLY app to Schedule,

* Facebook posts
* Twitter tweets
* Facebook wall post to friends (YES its here and for free 🙂 )
* Email
* Power Scheduler to schedule ringer state,wifi,bluetooth
* Schedule Power off and Reboot (ONLY FOR ROOT USERS)
* Schedule DOWNLOAD (In Beta)

All features in one single app and for FREE

Check out these steps b4 you get started,

1. Add your accounts in ‘accounts’ screen
2. Schedule your posts/tweets or system settings from ‘me’
3. Schedule your Email,sms and fb wall post in ‘friends’ screen
4. Check the schedules in ‘schedules’
5. Long press on a item or check the options menu in ‘schedules’ for more options
6. Add it as a home screen WIDGET for easy scheduling


I posted a tweet by mistake, how will i delete it?

In ‘schedules’ page, long press the tweet and select ‘Delete post’ option to delete the tweet or post.

What are all the options available in ‘schedules’ screen?

On long press an item, you can
Clear schedule
Edit schedule
Delete the post, (if it is already posted)
Do It Now , (if it is yet to be posted)
Why failed (to check d reason for failure)

Vowww, what an app, what can i do for you?

A motivation is way better than a beer :), just click on the link ‘Praise me’ and rate ‘5’ star

I Hate this app, it lacks nice UI, missing lot of functions, and what the @##@$… ?

You are most welcome, please select the option ‘scold me’ from main screen and
send me a email with reason for dislike so that we can improve the app.



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