AK Notepad APK

Refreshingly simple note-taking with free secure sync to
The easiest notepad for Android!
* Set reminders
* Share notes via SMS, email & more
* Pin notes to your home screen
* Themes
* Organize your notes with tags like #work #school #groceries
* Sort & search
* Export/import
* Securely backup notes to
* Passcode



    I have HTC one X and installed ak notepad on it. All my notes I’ve backed up into SD Card once a day (I can not open my mobile to get to this card).
    One important note I (maybe) deleted (I have no idea how, but it disappeared)
    How to recover my old backups? in SD card there is only one back up – form yeserday – and one data.ZIP file (0,00KB)
    Pelase HELP!!!!!

  • Having used this excellent app for the last 3 years, and having more than 50 notes, some quite detailed, how do I transfer these to my new Samsung S4, given that I can’t install the app on my S4? Is there a replacement app, or a recommended app, or a conversion to another format please?


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