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AdFree APK


AdFree removes most ads in the browser and other apps. It does this by nullifying requests to known host names in the system hosts file.

If you have problems with this app, or you know of additional host names not being filtered, please comment in xda-developers.com forum so it can be fixed!


0.8.0 Added background image
0.8.2 Added Mongoose, mini web server, and tcpdump to sniff DNS requests…
0.8.7 Added code to silently update the host file
0.8.8 Fixed layout to prevent overlapping elements
0.8.9 Added Japanese translation, please email us if you are willing and able to translate into other languages.
0.8.10 Used google translate to translate AdFree into Spanish
0.8.11 Added code to catch exception on orientation locking
0.8.12 Hopefully fixed some IO errors

Note : This application is not updating anymore… so it may not work properly in latest devices.




  • My mobile is Sony Xperia X10i. rooted moile.
    install adfree. but one error displayed “java.io.ioexception: broken pipe”. whant i can do?

  • The XDA forum requires lots of registration hoops, so don’t expect me to jump through them just to report something.

    The app mentions a “web interface” for white and black listing but that doesn’t appear to be on the device and there is no help, faq, or anything explaining it. The app has a site (sans privacy policy) where I can register and login, but doesn’t explain what it does. Is that the white/blacklist?

  • You need to check accept unknown sources in developers mode. If you do not see developers mode. Go to settings > about phone > and press on build number 4 or 5 timxes and you will enable developers mode than just turn on unknown sources.

  • I just downloaded your apk file into my Galaxy Note2 smartphone but cannot install it, because somehow it gets blocked and warns me its black list is too old or something like that. Where can I find a workable update?

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