aCar APK

An all-in-one application to track and manage your car: maintenance, fill-ups, fuel mileage, expenses, business trips

* Time and mileage based service reminders: Engine Oil, Air Filter, etc
* Multiple units: MPG, gal/100mi, mi/L, km/gal, L/100km, km/L
* Multiple vehicles support.
* Powerful searching and filtering.
* Thorough statistics for your vehicle.
* [Pro!] Localized and translated into the following languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese. More to come…
* [Pro!] Charts for fill-ups, services, expenses and trips.
* [Pro!] Data import from various sources.
* [Pro!] Manual and automatic data backup/restore.
* [Pro!] Export records to Excel compatible CSV format.
* [Pro!] Export statistics to Excel compatible CSV and browser viewable HTML formats.
* Move to SD-Card support (Android 2.2 and later).

– Want to go Pro? Refer to aCar website and donate there to get a Pro unlock code!
– Bugs? Issues? Contact us! Don’t post the bugs here!
– Questions? Read FAQ! Contact us if needed.
– Need more info? Refer to website!

***** Why does aCar need Phone State Read permission? *****
It’s used to read your phone hardware ID to tie your Donation ID to it (if you’ve donated). This is to prevent others from using your Donation ID. Even if one steals your code, he won’t be able to use it because his phone ID is different.

***** Why does aCar need Internet Access permission? *****
It’s used to check the validity of your Donation ID, with aCar website, when you’re registering that ID in aCar application.




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