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a Wallet APK


“a Wallet” application is your personal Virtual Wallet at your fingertips. It allows you to save and manage your most important data like
1) Credit/Debit/Member Card Numbers, their Expiry Date, PIN and other details.
2) Bank Accounts’ numbers, their balance and more.
3) Your Web Memberships with their Login details (Username, Password, Secret Answers)
4) Info about your Vehicles like Plate No., Vehicle ID No., Registration & Inspection expiry date.
5) Login details and Hostname/IP address of the Computers you work on.
6) Private Notes.
7) Personal Info like National ID (SSN), Driver License # and its Expiry Date, Passport Number, etc.

NEW FEATURE – BACKUP & RESTORE: You can now Backup your saved data in an encrypted file and Restore your data from it whenever required. The Backup file is saved on your SD Card/Mounted memory, so, you can move/keep it any place you like. You can Backup data into a file from Wallet Menu screen and Restore data from file on the Login screen.

All of your data is stored in fully Encrypted form and is also protected by a PIN of your choice, which you can change anytime. For you safety, all of your data will be deleted after 5 invalid login attempts.

This application will give you full control of your personal and critical information, making it available at all the time.

Minimum Android version:
Android 2.1
Target Android version:
Android 2.2
Minimum screen width:
240 dpx
Requires features:
Requires permissions:
Access network state
Call phone
Write external storage



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